This is the Spanish form of Alice (see also). In Spanish this name is pronounced /ah LEE see a/ )or /ah LEE thee ah/ in Spain), but in English it is generally pronounced /ah LEE sha/. However, you also find people pronouncing it the Spanish way, or other variants like /ah LISH a/ and /ah LISS ee a/, which leads to parents using all sorts of creative spellings. In 2012, the top 7000 contained the following 39 spellings (in order of popularity): Alicia, Alisha, Elisha, Alycia, Alysia, Elysia, Alecia, Alysha, Alyssia, Alisia, Elicia, Elisia, Alesha, Alissia, Aleesha, Aleecia, Aleisha, Alicja, Alicea, Aleesia, Alyshia, Elyssia, Elycia, Alishia, Allysia, Allicia, Aliesha, Ellicia, Ellysia, Elissia, Elysha, Alicya, Aliciah, Elesia, Aleshia, Allysha, Alyciah, Alycea, Allycia
See Also: Alysha, Alysia, Allecya, Alice

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