Alina Rosalia: I am expecting a baby, and really want a girl. I don't want to name my baby after anyone I know, which rules out pretty much all names, after I take away the names I don't like. That means I'm left with uncommon names. I don't want one that's too wierd, so I looked for different ethnic names that would be accepted within our society. I ended up with a Polish name; ALINA. It means 'bright and beautiful'. For a middle name I like ROSALIA. (Latin) It means 'rose garlands'. I think that these names sound beautiful together, and if I do have a girl, this is what I'm going to name her.

Alina means "noble" in Arabic. However, in English usage it is probably from the European origin-- as originally a short form of names like Adelina or other names ending in -alina (Catalina, Michalina etc.) On a side note, alina also means "scar" in Hawaiian.

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