adorable name; nicknames could be Allie, Anna, or Annie. The perfect name for a sweet little girl.

Alianna popped up in the 2000s, following on the heels of other similar sounding names like Adriana and Ariana. It is likely a form of Allie + the popular ending -anna, or an elaboration of Aaliyah, another popular name. In 2012, it was found with the following spellings: Aliana, Alianna, Aliyana, Alyanna, Alyana, Aliannah, Alliana, Aliyanna, Alianah, Allianna, Allyana, Allyanna, Aleana, Alyanah, Alyannah , Aliahna, Aliyanah, Aaliyana, Aleanna, Aliyahna, Alyiana, Alyona, Allianah, Alyonna, Allieanna, Alliannah, Allyanah, Allyannah, Ahliana, Aliyannah, Aliona, and Alionna.
See Also: Alyanna

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