it means 'eternally beautiful'. It sounds so feminine and strong. I wish the people I asked liked it better. But, it is very unique!

This name has been gaining popularity in the USA, but I can't find a decent origin or meaning for it. I've found:

  • German, meaning "eternal"
  • Latin amarus meaning "bitter"
  • Japanese, "night rain"
  • Esperanto (!), form of Mary
  • Greek, "eternal"
  • Greek, "unfading" (I guess that's kind of the same thing as "eternal")
  • Greek, "unfading or eternal beauty"
  • German, "Steadfast, immortal"
  • Hebrew, "God promises, God declares" (from Amariah)
  • Latin, "beloved"
  • Spanish, "Imperishable" Apparently, it's also a male name from the Ibo people of Nigeria. Whenever I find a name with a ton of different origins and meanings, I am highly dubious of any of them. There seems to be an overwhelming undercurrent in favor of "eternal" as a meaning-- these would indicate that the name stems from "Amaranta," a Greek flower that according to mythology, never faded. However, I can't find it in any of the name books that I trust, so I have no idea!
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