• Amoris/Amaris (am-ah-RISS) means "child of the moon.".. I had a dream in which I had a baby girl named this. I thought it was really unusual sounding, I'd never heard it before so how I came up with it in a dream I don't know.. Funny how it means "child of the moon" and it came to me in my sleep!!
  • Amaris Joelle : I like the name Amaris, it reminds me of a beautiful flower.  It also has a hint of mystery to it, since it means child of the moon.  Joelle is after my husband Joe.  It is much more feminine than other "jo" girl names.  

    In the USA, the name Amaris first appeared in the late 1960s. I have found references to it meaning "child of the moon" and how it's a name for children born in the month of the zodiac sign of Cancer. I have no idea where this comes from, as I cannot verify this anywhere.

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