Amaya is a Basque name meaning "final." It is traditionally given to the child you think will be the last girl born. In the USA it rose in popularity along with similar sounding name Maya. In 2012 it was found in the following spellings (in order of popularity): Amaya, Amiyah, Amiya, Amya, Amiah, Amayah, Amia, Amyah, Amaia, Amaiya, Amyiah, Amaiyah, Amyia, Ameya, Emiyah, Aamiyah, Emya, Ahmya, Amaiah, Emmelia, Ahmiya, Ahmaya, Emiya, Amayiah, Amiaya, Ahmiyah, Amea, Emyah, Emaya, Ameyah, Amiyha, Emiah, Ameia, Ameah, Amiayah, Ahmyiah, Amayia, Aamya, Aamia, Aamyah, Amahya, Ameyaa

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