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Annalise is the most popular spelling of this name in the USA. It is a combination of Anna + Lise (a short form of Elisabeth). It started out in northern European countries (Anneliese is German and Dutch, Annelise is Danish), but spread to other countries as well, including the English-speaking world. In 2012, the following spellings were in the top 7000 (in order of popularity):

Annalise, Annelise, Annaliese, Anneliese, Analise, Analiese, Annalyse, Analyse, Analis, Analiz, Annelyse, Anelise, Analisse, Aneliz, Annaleise, Annalese, Annalisse, Annaliz, Analeise, Anelis, Annalis, Anelys, Annalyce, Annaleese, Annalysse, Analize, Anneleise, Anelisse, Aneliese, Analeese, Analese, Analyce
See Also: Annelise, Analise, Annalise, Annalease

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