My favorite name is Areyliz ( a-ray-liz ). It is my cousins name turned around my way. I like it because it very unusual, partly because I think I made it up. I have never heard anyone with that name and I cant find it on any name list. My cousins name is Yareliz. I just moved the Y and the A around. This is a girl name. Maybe youll find it unusual also.

The name Arelis has been used in the USA since the 1960s. The spelling Areliz was added in the 1970s. I can't find a solid origin for it; most Spanish sites I've looked on say it means "lion of God" and is Hebrew. That would make it a form of Ariel. Another site said it was a form of Araceli. This makes a little more sense; Araceli sometimes is found in the form Aracelis, and names ending in -lis have been popular in Spanish-speaking populations.

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