Bailey (girl)

Bailey is an English and Irish surname, coming from the Norman name le Bailiff, meaning "bailiff." Bailey was more popular as a boys' name until the 1980s, when surnames started becoming popular for girls (i.e., Taylor, Avery, Madison etc.) As of 2012, Bailey was at #60 for girls and #1115 for boys in the U.S. Top 7000. The following spellings appeared in the Girls' list (most popular first): Bailey, Baylee, Bailee, Bayleigh, Baylie, Baileigh, Bayley, Baleigh, Baily, Baylei, Bayli, Bailie, Baylea, Baeleigh, Bailei, Baillie, Bailea, Baley, Beily, Bayliegh, Baili, Baeli
See Also: Bailee, Baylee, Bailey (boy)

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