(Blake-lee)this is a beautiful island up near the San Juans in Washington State. I et a little girl there whose parents loved the island so much that they had named their daughter after it. My friend, Blakely was always poised and smiling. When you get your picture taken, you shouldn't say 'cheese', you should say, 'Blakely!' cuz that makes you smile!

Blakely started out as an English and Scottish surname, derived from a place name made from the elements blaec "black" and leah "wood; meadow; clearing." As a girls' name, it was first used with any regularity in the USA in the late 1960s, where it was quietly used until the 2000's. It is currently gaining popularity-- moving from #672 in 2011 to #427 in 2012. Recent popularity may have been inspired by reality TV star Blakeley Shea.

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