this name has a beautiful melodic feel to it, and has wonderful meanings (a song or a type of flower) It has a timeless nature feel to it and I imagine anyone with this name as being a very peaceful serene person  

In Greek mythology, Calypso was a nymph held the shipwrecked Odysseus captive for seven years, until Zeus intervened. Her name most likely comes from the ancient Greek kalypto meaning "to conceal; cover."

Calypso is also a style of Afro-Caribbean music from Trinidad and Tobago. It was made famous in the USA by singer Harry Belafonte (thing "the Banana Boat Song" and "Shake, Senora"). Calypso's origins in this context are, according to, thought to come from "kaiso," which is now believed to come from Efik "ka isu" 'go on!' and Ibibio "kaa iso" 'continue, go a Trinidadian term, "cariso" which is used to refer to "old-time" calypsos.[on,' used in urging someone on or in backing a contestant.[2] There is also 3] The term "calypso" is recorded from the 1930s onwards. The word was bastardized into "Calypso" when the early European settlers put the word into print.

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