Cambree ElizabethThis is my daughters name. My husband and I were trying to think of a name that was unique yet special to us in some way. I loved the name Candice but not the short Candy (can you imagine the teasing?) and he liked Amberlee, she was a girl we went to school with who was the most genuine person we have ever known. After going back and forth my husband said " we can compromise and her name can be Cambree and it just stuck. She loves that she is unique and the only one with that name. The Elizabeth came from a family friend who contribute to my love of reading by proving me access to her vast collection of Nancy Drew books as a child.

Cambree was the 610th most popular name in the top 7000 girls' names of 2010. It was also found in the spellings Kambree, Cambrie, Kambri, Cambry, Kambrie, Kambry, Cambri, Kambrey, & Cambre. This is a modern name, coined in the latter half of the 20th century. It is probably based on the name Cameron as well as Camry, the name of a model of Toyota which became used as a name in the 1980s. It may also be influenced by Cambria.
See Also: Cambrey, Cambria

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