Candace Mae: This is my sister's name and I love it because it is a beautiful name. Another spelling for this is Kandis. Nickname Kandi Mae.

Derived from the Cushitic word kdke meaning "queen mother," Candace was the hereditary title for Nubian queens in biblical times. As such it was mentioned in passing in the New Testament as "a man of Ethiopia, an Eunuch of great authority under Candace, Queen of Ethiopians," was baptised by Philip the Evangelist in the Book of Acts. It was not used as a name in English until the 17th century when the Puritans, who were known for mining the bible for obscure names to use, coined it. In the USA it was given a boost in popularity by a character in the 1942 film Meet the Stewarts starring William Holden and Frances Dee. The fact that Candace also yields the diminutive form Candy also may have contributed to its popularity. Currently, Candice is the most popular spelling.
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