Carlyn Rae: I love the way Carlyn sounds. I named my 4 month old daughter this. It is such a nice alternative for all the Caitlyn's out there. As an added bonus, Carl is the name of my grandfather and I think it is a great way to honor him. I chose the middle name, Rae, because it is my middle name, and I think it does ring well with Carlyn.

Carlyn maybe a form of Carlin, which is an anglicization of the Irish surnames O' Caireallain and O' Cearbhallain (also anglicized Carolan and Kirlan). These names may derive from the root cearbh meaning "hacking; chopping" implying a fierce warrior.

As a first name, Carlyn is more likely a form of Carly + the common ending -lyn.
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