Chelsea began being used as a girls' name in the mid 20th century. Its popularity may have been inspired by the song "Chelsea Morning" written by Joni Mitchell, which Mitchell wrote about her apartment in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood. Joni Mitchell recorded it in 1969 and it was also covered by Judy Collins, Neil Diamond, Jennifer Warnes and others. Chelsea may have gotten a boost in the early 1980s from the name of a character played by Jane Fonda in the Academy Award winning film On Golden Pond. Chelsea suffered a decline in popularity in the 1990s when Bill Clinton became president and the name became associated with his daughter Chelsea (who was named for the Joni Mitchell song). The same fate befell the popularity of the name Hillary, the name of the First Lady. The original Chelsea is a district of London whose name derives from the Anglo-Saxon Cealc-hyth meaning "chalk wharf or landing place."
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