My name is Chessil. Ches'sil. I am 28 and have never met anyone with my name.  Besides it being unusual there is actually quite a bit to say about it. My dad heard it on a National Geographic show.  He said the name they gave was Chessil Crumb which was an English Church mouse.  I have also found the name on a dictionary I think for 1912 - it meant gravel or pebbles.  The name is more common in England.  There is a Chessil Bay and Beach.  It is also the middle name a an English painter in the mid-18th century. Someone told my mom once that Beatrice Potter made a Chessil Crumb once but I have never been able to find it. I am a female with the name but the painter was a male so I guess it could be used either way. :) Anyway the name is always a conversation piece.

The place name Chesil in England comes from either the Old English ceosel meaning "gravel" or cisel meaning "shingle."

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