I love this name first of all, because it's a flower name. In fact, listening to people talk about their gardens and just listing flower names causes me to go into a rapturous meditative trance. Chrysanthemum also happens to be my birth flower (I was born in November) There is also a sweet book by Kevin Henkes with this title. It's about this mouse named "Chrysanthemum" who loves her name until she goes to school and is teased about it. The teasing stops when the new music teacher arrives-- her name is Delphinium, she's pregnant, and she likes the name "Chrysanthemum" so much she says she'll give her new baby that name! Of course, in case people are worrying about the stares they'd get if they called their baby Chrysanthemum, they can shorten it to "Chrys Ann" or "Chrysann" or "Chrysan." It works. I searched for those names on Google and there's a lot of people with those names. But I do wish people would use the whole name! It sounds good! And if you don't think so, all I can say is : "Mum's the word" :)

Chrysanthemum is the name of a flower native to Europe and Asia. The name is derived from Greek chrystos meaning "golden" and anthos meaning "flower." The "mum" part is from the original Chinese name for the flower.
See Also: Crisanta

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