this is my name.  I like it.  It's fairly unique and no one seems to know how to either spell it or pronounce it.  (I generally pronounce it Cor-ee-na, but will also accept Cor-in-na).  There's so few of us that when someone knows my name, they know me!

Corinna is a Latinized form of the Greek name Korinna, which comes from the element kore meaning "maiden." In ancient Greece, Corinna was the name of a famous poet.

Corinna has been in general use in English since the 17th century when English poet Robert Herrick (1591-1674) used it for the title character of his poem "Corinna Going A-Maying. In the 20th century it experienced a bit of a resurgence due to the song "Corinna, Corinna" first recorded in 1927 and later re-recorded by a number of different artists including Blind Lemon Jefferson and Bob Wills. Bob Dylan also sang a similar song called "Corinna Corinna."
See Also: Corrina, Korinna, Corinne

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