Darrah Michelle: pronounced (dare-uh) this is my name, and i really like it because i am named after my father. And because it is VERY unusual, the name Darrah itself is, but, especially my pronunciation and definitely the spelling. I have yet to meet another Darrah who says it the same way I do. I also like that I have to correct people, and I like watching people's faces crinkle up when they read it, and as for Michelle, I honestly can't think of a better middle name to go with Darrah.

Darrah is most likely another form of Dara. Dara is one of those names that means many things in many languages. In Khmer, it means 'star' and is used for both boys and girls. In Irish, it's mainly a boys' name and means 'oak tree.' In Hebrew, it's used for girls and means 'compassion' or 'wisdom' and in Persian it means 'wealthy' and is a boys' name.
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