Domniona Nausolete: We are very glad to see your site. We named our daughter, who died, an unusual name and we tried to add it to other lists, but they all wanted more "traditional" names. We didn't want the name to be lost, so again, we were very glad to see your site. We would like to submit the following girl names. Our daughter's name was Domniona Nausolete. 1. Domniona (DOMME-knee-on-eh). This is a hybrid that stemmed from liking the names Dominique, Dyhanni (Native American), and Nia. The "ona" came from a different version of Hannah, so that we could give the name meaning. The name means "for the purpose of God's grace". 2. Nausolete (knaw-SO-leet). This one is my Grandmother's middle name, but no one knows what it means or where it comes from. Hate to say it, but we just thought it sounded pretty. Great site!

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