(Dee-Ya-Nee) Native American means Deer. This is my daughter's name and a very unusual one at that. I have only heard of 3 other people having this name.

I am somewhat skeptical of any name in a baby name book that claims to be Native American. I have found many sites that list Dyani as being "Native American" and that it means "deer." However, none specify which language this name comes from. Tthere are some 296 languages in North America and 350 languages still spoken in South and Central America, and if a book or site can't narrow it down, I don't think it's very useful. Also, a lot of sites say that Dyani means "gazelle." Yes, a gazelle is a type of deer, but gazelles are not native to North America, so it is highly unlikely that any Indigenous People of the Americas would be naming a child after an animal native to another continent, at least not in the traditional naming pool.

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