Greek goddess of chaos. There is an awesome story behind this name: See, Eris skips out on this mandatory god/goddesses meeting on Mt. Olympus, 'cause she's rebellious like that. She takes a golden apple and writes the word "Kalisto" on it, which means "For the most beautiful." Then she hides behind a tree and rolls this golden apple right into the thick of the goddesses. Well, all the goddesses are like, "Wow, somebody gave me a golden apple!" Because they all think they're the most beautiful. Goddesses are like that. Meanwhile Eris is behind a tree laughing her ass off. Mythological hijinx ensue. This pretty much sums up the way I would imagine my daughter to be. Anyway, this name is a great alternative to Iris, if it sounds too old-ladyish for you. It is melodic, feminine and pretty.

In Greek mythology, Eris was the goddess of discord. Her name comes from Greek meaning "strife."

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