Evann Amanda: I love the name Evann for many reasons. It is very pretty for a girl, and though also a boy’s name, what boy wants “ann” in his name? (reason for the additional n) I have an aunt-in-law named Eva and many relatives with the middle name of Ann, so putting them together makes something a little different. My daughter (March 2002) has already been named this and nn’ed Evi (short E). If people wanted other nicknames she could be called Eve or Annie. Her initials are actually going to be EAV, so she may go by that also. The middle name is mine. It is very feminine to offset the ambi-gender name, my husband loves it and it flowed well. I really wanted an A name to keep the initials. And lastly, though different, no one is going to mispronounce it (I hope), and the only misspelling should be not using the double n.
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