(or Giery) (geer-ee) This is actually a street name in San Jose, CA. But I think it would make a great name. It's just so unique... and cute too!

Geary was originally a surname. It can be an English surname derived from gar meaning "spear." It may have been an occupational term for a soldier or a nickname for someone who used a spear or had spear-like qualities. It may also be derived from a personal name (many names derived from this word, like Gerald, Gerard etc.) It can also be derived from "geary" a medieval English term for a fickle person.

Geary can also be an Irish surname, an anglicization of Gadhra, meaning "descendent of Gadhra." Gadhra is derived from gadhar meaning "dog." "Dog" or "hound" had the extended meaning of "warrior" in medieval Irish.

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