Giselle is a form of Gisèle /zhee ZEL/, the French form of a name derived from the Germanic gisil meaning "hostage; pledge." The German form is spelled the same, Gisele, only pronounced /GHEE zeh leh/ (hard "g"). In the USA it is most popular in African-American and Spanish-speaking communities. Overall, in 2010 it was #99 on the US top 7000 baby names, also appearing in the spellings: Giselle (2082), Gisselle, Gisele, Gizelle, Jazelle, Jiselle, Gissel, Gisel, Gisell, Jizelle, Gissell, Jazel, Gissele, Jaselle, Yisel, Jazell, Jisselle, Jazzelle, Gizel, Yissel, Jisel, Jezelle, Jissel, Jisele, Jezel, Jessel, Jyzelle, Guiselle, Gyselle, Yiselle, Gizele, Gizell, Jyzelle, Jeselle, Jazzel, Jizel, Geselle, Jisell, Jizell, Jahzel, Jizele, Jezzel, Jizzelle, Jezell, Gicelle, Jacelle, Yizel.
See Also: Gizella

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