Inna: (e-nn-ah): the reason of two n's in the name is that you pronaunce the n a bit longer (a lot of people don't get that) It is NOT the same name as Ina, they are both diffrent names. Meaning: Inna was first a name of a male saint. Later on the names is used only as a girl name. Inna means a wild torrent. I love this name because it isn't that very common! Especially in Holland where I live (I was born in Russia) I In Russia Inna isn't overused (I am glad no to be the million Natascha, Tatjana, Svetlana or Oksana) becasue there are tons of those names! Inna is simple, pure and feminine and not that common. It goes with a lot of middle and last names.

Inna is a Russian name of uncertain origin. It was the name of an early Russian (male) martyred saint, but the name is used exclusively for girls now. It may come from words meaning "strong water" or possibly from a Greek name meaning "little girl."

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