Iyana (eye-ana) Romanie: i found the first name on your site's International names page and fell in love with it, even though i can't remember what country it comes from or what the equivalent is in English. the middle name comes from the faves page but i respelled it to make it different, as i like to make them my own!

Iyana is a modern name, probably formed based on Ariana, Brianna or other such -iana names. In 2010 it was #155 for girls in the US top 7000, also appearing in the spellings: Aiyana, Ayanna, Ayana, Aiyanna, Iyanna, Iyana, Iyonna, Ayonna, Ayannah, Iyanah, Aiyanah, Ayanah, Eyana, Aiyonna, Iyannah, Aiyahna, Iyona, Ayona, Aiyannah, Ayiana, Eyanna, Iyahna, Ayianna, Aiana, Ayahna, Ayaana, Iyiana, Iyauna, Iayana, Iyonnah, Aianna, Aiyona, Iyiana, Aayanna, & Aayanah.

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