[Jay-lee]Jaelie Olivia: I had met a small girl by the name of Jaela, and I was very fond of it; however, the "a" ending didn't really appeal to me, so I switched it to "ie" and was happy. Then I started playing around with that version, and stumbled across Jaeden in the process. Olivia is another regal, old-worldish name that I wanted to use somehow, and I think it complements  Jaelie nicely.

Jaelie and other forms (Jaylee was the most common spelling for girls and boys in 2010) is a modern name, formed from the popular syllable Jay (as in Jayden and Jaylen) + names like Kaylee and Bailey. In 2010 the name was#364 in the top 7000 for girls and #5176 for boys.
See Also: Jailiegh

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