It is my name and I haven't met a girl that has spelled it the same way I do.

Jamie is a feminine form of James, taken from the formerly masculine-only pet form, Jamie. James is an English form of the Latin name Iacomus which comes to us from Iakobos, the Greek form of the name Yaakov. Yaakov is also the same name from where we get the English form Jacob. Yaakov is a Hebrew biblical name which stems from a word meaning "heel" or "heel grabber," due to the fact that when Jacob was born, he grabbed his brother Esau's heel. It is later in the Bible described to mean "supplanter," as Jacob supplanted (replaced) Esau twice, by his counting. James is the form used by the characters in the New Testament of the Bible (two of Christ's apostles). Jamie has been used as a girls' name since the late 19th century, taking off in popularity in the mid 20th century.
See Also: Jaime, Jami, Jamy

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