There is one name I have not seen there-or anywhere for that matter. It is JENUFFA. It is my eldest daughter's name. I found it in the San Francisco Examiner shortly before she was born, 31 years ago. There was a Chek opera playing in town. And this was its name. I believe, but am not certain, that it is the chek pronunciation of JENNIFER. I pronounce it like the French would. "shin'=uf =fa" or pronouncing Jennifer with a southern drawl. It is a very unusual name. I am sure noone else has the name.

Jenufa is the name of an opera by Czech composer Leoš Janácek based on the book Její pastorky?a ("Her Stepdaughter") by Gabriela Preissová. It was first performed in 1904. Jenufa is the name of a 19th century Moravian country girl who is the protagonist.

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