this name is of Ancient Baltic origins meaning: "sea." Its pronounced (Yoo-rah-tuh). It has a very romantic story behind it. In Polish and Lithuanian mythology it was the name of a minor sea goddess. She lived under the Baltic sea in an amber palace. She fell in love with a mere mortal who was a fisherman, in order to marry him, she had to give up her immortality and leave her amber palace under the sea. She chose to become mortal and marry her love. Her abandoned amber palace disintergrated and legend has it that the pieces of amber that you find along the Baltic coast are the debris of her leftover palace. It is also the name of a beautiful resort in Lithuania on the Baltic coast, it was named for her.

Jurata is the Polish form of the Lithuanian goddess Jurate. Her name is derived from jura, meaning "the sea." She is sometimes said to be a mermaid or undine (water nymph).

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