(pronounced Carol) (fem.)~This is my name, given to me by my mother.  I hated it in school, no one pronounces or spells it right.  But now, I love it.  I've never met anyone else who spells their name quite this way.  Very unusual.

Caryl is a variation of Carol/Carroll Carroll is an anglicization of the Irish surname O'Cearbhaill, which means "descendent of Cearbhall." Cearbhall is a personal name which may derive from cearbh meaning "hacking." As a first name it was originally used for men. However, it began being used for women in the 1800s probably because it sounds like the vocabulary word carol meaning a song or hymn (as in "Christmas carol") and also as a diminutive form of Caroline. Carol can also be a man's name derived from the Latin Carolus.
See Also: Charles, Caroline

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