Kennly Brekkin: Kennly because it's the name of my baby cousin, a stunning little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, and also just because it's a unique name. And Brekkin because it's unusual and feminine sounding without being too "girly" and prissy.

Kennly is a form of Kenley, which can be an English surname coming from a place name. In modern usage, it is more likely a form of Kinley, coming from the Scottish name McKinley. It came into use in the late 20th century with the rise of surname- names for girls like Mackenzie/McKenna/McKinley/Kenzie/Kinsey etc. In 2010, Kenley and variants (Kenleigh, Kenlee, Kenlie, Kenli, Kenly, Kennley, Kenlea & Kenlei) were at #352 in the US top 7000.
See Also: McKinley, Kenlie

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