(kin-lee) I'm not sure if it's a real name that's used... but i got it from shortening mckinley and changing the spelling a bit to make it more feminine. it's a character name i used to use in stories and i still hold it as a favorite and good alternative to kendra, kelsey, kaitlin, and all those other k-names that seem to be so popular.

Kinleigh or Kinley is one of those names that became popular in the late 20th century along with Mackenzie, Kenzie, Kenley, Kinsey etc. Kinley is also found McKinley and as such is an anglicizatino of the Scottish surname Mac Fhionnlaigh, meaning "son of Fionnlagh." Fionnlagh (also anglicized Finlay) is derived from the Celtic elements fionn "white; fair-haired" and laoch meaning "warrior."
See Also: Finley, McKinley

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