Kirin (girl)

My name is Kirin, and i like my name because its unique, short and simple, even though some people have trouble remembering it. it kind of reminds me of some sort of rare stone that has a very unique and interesting look to it. Kirin can be a boy or a girls name (i'm a girl) and there are many different ways to spell it, a few of them being kiran, kirean and kieran. it's pronounced the way it looks except the first i is pronounced like "ear" (k-ear-in) There are many origins of this name including German, Japanese and Chinese. Kirin is a commonly known Japanese beer, and is also a mythical Japanese creature that is similar to the unicorn.

A kirin (also found Qilin, pinyin and Chi'lin in Chinese and Kylin and Kirin in Japanese and Koren) is a mythical creature with hooves that brings serenity or prosperity. Though it may look fierce, it is a peaceful creature who only brings harm upon evildoers. It is often depicted as being coated with flames.
See Also: Kieran, Kieren

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