My favorite name of all time is..the ancient Irish Gaelic Lasairfhiona (la'sa'REEna), meaning "Flame Wine" or "Flaming Wine"..for several reasons. When I joined the SCA a year or so ago, I knew my persona would be Irish (I'm half Irish, half Danish - The Viking's revenge!), and I burrowed away on obscure websites looking for something that...felt right. It also had to fit both my personality and have a meaning I liked. I came across the name Lasairfhiona in the Annals of Connacht - a harrowing chronicle of murder, revenge, and feuds that leave the Sicilian Mafia standing...and did my homework..(I study Gaelic - ancient and modern in my spare time). Of course, it helps being a redhead...:-D Too bad I found it too late to give the name to my daughter...

Lasairfhiona (modern form: Lasairíona) comes from Irish Gaelic elements meaning "flame wine."

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