Lexus Bleue: strong, confident name with the needed edge of femininity. goes well with the middle name Bleue.

Lexus is the name of a car company, the division of Toyota that makes luxury cars. The first Lexus was launched in 1989. Lexus became used as a first name around then, as a variation of Alexis, which was already popular at the time. Alexus is also found as a variation; people liked the image of a high-end car and grafted it onto a name that was already popular at the time. Car names have been popular as baby names for years, compare Chevette, Chevelle, Capri, Infiniti etc. In the 1990s, the line got blurred when cars started being named things that were already used as baby names, like Cheyenne & Sierra. What next, the Toyota Kaitlyn?
See Also: Alexis

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