Logan (girl)

  • my daughters name is Logan Chantel. strong name, unusual but wonderful girls name
  • Logan Bay Mackenzie: This name comes from a series of short stories I have wrote. This name could be used for either a boy or a girl. To me it means, "Child born from the sea"
  • Logan Blaze: this is 1 of my fave names and despite it's popularity, i just luv the fact that it can b used 4 both boys and girls !
  • Logan Rebecca: Logan is just a darn right cute name, and Rebecca is one of my favorite people in the world (well 2 of my fav people in the world w/ the same name...well actually 3 :) and I like the name also, and Logan Rebecca is a very pretty name and flows well.

    Though Logan is used for girls, it's still used way more often for boys in the USA.
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