this is a great name that isn't used often. The middle name Lynn has been used in my family a lot, and I would like to continue that but I don't care for the name Lynn, adding an a seemed to give this traditional name some extra perosnality.

Lynna is a modern name, a form of Lynn. Lynn was originally an English surname derived from the Welsh word llyn meaning "lake." As a girls' name it came to popularity in the 20th century. Before that it was primarily used for boys. It peaked in popularity for girls in the 1950s, just after Linda fell from the #1 spot. Like Macy and Lacy became popular after parents had become tired of Tracy and Stacy, Lynn may have been seen as a newer, fresher alternative to Linda. Lynn became extremely popular as a middle name and as a middle name still far exceeds its popularity as a first name.

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