(Ma-lohn) There was a character in a book by Maeve Binchy named Eve Malone and I promised that if I have more than one child, I will fit Malone in somehow. I think that although it really isn't a very feminine name, it is one of those names that carries power and strength.

Malone is an anglicization of the Irish surname Ó Maoil Eoin, meaning "servant of Saint John." In medieval Ireland, saints' names were considered too holy to give to regular babies, so maol meaning "disciple; devotee" or giolla meaning "servant [of]" was added to a saint's name to make it more appropriate for the common man. Other examples of this are Gilchrist (Mac Giolla Chríost-- servant of Christ), Malcolm (Maol Colm -servant of St. Columba) etc.

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