I read this was a French form of Eve. I think it's adorable! It would make a great alternative to Nevaeh.

According to one site I found, this name is French for 'ingenue'. I'm not sold on this meaning, though, since the French word for "ingenue" is ingénue. One thing I can think of is that one definition of "ingenue" is a "naive person," and Naeva looks a bit like the word "naive." Another site lists this as being French for "evening." This just sounds wrong. In Latin, Naeva means "mole; birthmark" and is the species name of a kind of sea slug.

In the Roman empire, the wife of Naevius Sutorius Macro was known as Ennia Naeva. She was seduced by Caligula. That's about the only reference I can find other than the sea slug.

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