The first person to bring this name to public attention was Sonny Sandoval of the Christian rock group group P.O.D., who gave it to his daughter in 2000. This name has been taking off since then, as it is "heaven" spelled backwards. However, despite its popularity, it doesn't seem like any two people pronounce it the same! (I've heard /nah VYE a/, /na VEE a/, /na VAY a/, /NEV ee a/ etc.) Some websites list it as being a Slavic name meaning "butterfly." I have no idea where this came from, but it's certainly not very accurate. It was #47 in popularity in 2010, and reflecting the different pronunciations it occurred in the following alternate spellings: Nevaeh (6345), Neveah (295), Navaeh (101), Nevaeha (86), Naveah (74), Navya (73), Nivea (72), Nevayah (30), Navia (25), Naveyah (24), Navaya (23), Neviah (21), Niveah (21), Nevaya (20), Naviah (19), Navayah (19), Navea (18), Neveyah (15), Naviyah (15), Naveya (14), Nivia (10), Nivaeh (10), Nevea (9), Naviya (9), Neviyah (7), Niviah (6), Neveaha (6), Nevaha (6), Neveya (6), Navaeha (5)

My favorite spin-off is the name Evaeh of which there were 5 born in 2010. It spells "heave" backwards.
See Also: Naveah, Heaven

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