not trying to suck up here, but I came across the name when I first visited your site, and it's stayed with me as a name ever since.  I like it with a h on the end, and it sounds a lot like Laura, another nice name.

The "h" on the end of Norah is actually totally useless. On names like Sarah and Hannah, the silent -h on the end stands for an actual silent Hebrew letter. I've been told that in Biblical times, the extra "h" (?) stands for the word "life" and was put on the end of a girls' name if she lived to her second birthday. Don't quote me on this, I just heard it from a friend of my grandfather's once. Anyway, Norah is not a Hebrew name; the "h" on the end is an affectation stuck on in the Victorian era. Since it's my name, though, I have to say this spelling is the best!
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