My next favorite girl's name is PEARL.  I like Opal better, but my husband is not crazy about Opal, so we may compromise and use Pearl.  Pearl was a popular name among southern black women at the turn of the century, and I love all of their names (Opal, Pearl, Ruby, Lilly, Violet).  The names are pretty, interesting, and just knowing what these women put up with makes me think ENDURING.

A pearl is a lump of micro-crystalline calcium carbonate formed by a mollusk as an auto-immune reaction to a foreign object. For millennia these objects have been highly valued for their luster and beauty as gemstones. As a name, Pearl did not come into use until the 19th century, following the trend of naming baby girls after gemstones and other natural objects. Other names that came into use following this trend are: Ruby, Beryl, Crystal etc.

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