This is my name. They ask me what Raymie is a nick-name for. I then have to explain that Raymie is my real name. There are other Raymie`s, but not with my spelling. This is what makes my name so VERY SPECIAL. To my knowledge there is not an other Raymie in the WORLD. I also am getting ready to write a story about my life. I am the first person in the history of trains to be hit by a train from sleeping on the tracks and live without permanant injurys.

Raymie may be a form of the French Rémy, pronounced similarly. Rémy is a boys' name, a form of the Latin Remigius meaning "oarsman." Alternately, it may come from Ramie, (Boehmeria nivea) a flowering plant native to southeast Asia which has been cultivated to make cloth for at least 6 thousand years.
See Also: Ramey, Raimi

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