As a first name, Regan (pronounced /REE gun/ was first coined by Shakespeare for his play "King Lear." It is borne by the middle of King Lear's daughters, between Goneril and Cordelia. As with many names Shakespeare coined, where he derived it from is debated by scholars. Perhaps coincidentally, Regan is also an Irish surname, an anglicization of Ó Riagáin. This name may come from a diminutive form of Rí, meaning "king" or else stem from a word meaning "furious" or "vehement." In the USA it is often given in honor or recognition of Ronald Reagan, the former president of the USA (pronounced /RAY gun/, although I've heard that he originally pronounced it /REE gun/ and changed the pronunciation somewhere down the line). Because of this, you often find such spellings as Raegan, Raygan, Ragan etc.
See Also: Raegan (girl), Reagan, Regan (boy), Raegan (boy)

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