Rhedyn Amber: I have named my daughter Rhedyn (pronounced: RAY-DIN) Amber. My husband and I wanted a different/unique name, but something with meaning. We found Rhedyn to mean 'fern' (Welsh), not knowing how it is 'properly' pronounced, we've gone with what we think sounds feminine and pretty.

In Welsh, this is the vocabulary word for "fern." Like in English, it is also used as a name (Fern is occasionally used as a women's name). In Welsh, the rh sound is not like "r" in English-- it's rolled and more breathy. I can't really describe it; here's a link to the word "rhwd." In the USA, I've seen this spelling as an alternate form of Raiden/Raden etc. In that case it is a modern name based on Jayden/Caden/Braydon etc.
See Also: Reidyn, Raiden, Raidon

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