A lot like the poplular names Caden, Jaden, Aiden, etc. but way more original. Absolutely love the nickname Zade.

Zayden is a modern name, coined because of its similarity in sound to popular names like Aidan, Jayden, Caden, Braydon etc. It may also be influenced by the Arabic Zayd, which means "to increase." However, I think this is a backwards-created explanation for the name rather than an actual derivation. It explains why in some name books it is found as meaning "an addition" or "to multiply." in 2010 in the usa, it was #201 and had the following alternate spellings: Zaiden (397) Zaden, Xaiden, Zaidyn, Xayden, Zaedyn, Zadyn, Zaydin, Zaeden, Zaydan, Xaden, Zaidan, Zaydon, Zaidon, Xhaiden, Zaydyn, Zaydn, Zhayden, Zhaiden, Zaidin, Zaedon, Zadin, Zadon
See Also: Zaden, Xaiden

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