Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
Uallas (m) T WAL lus foreign Wallace
Ualraig (m) T OO ul rik ? -
Uilleag (f) Tr WIL lak German, fem. of William Williamina
Uilleam (m) Tr OOL I um Old German William, "will-helmet" William
Uillidh; Uilleachan (m) Tr WIL lee; OOL luch an dims. of Uilleam Willie
Uisdean (m) T OOSH jun ? Hugh
Umfraidh (m) Tr OOM free From Germanic Humphrey, perhaps meaning "Great peace." Humphrey, Umfra
Una (f) T OO na from an Irish name, meaning perhaps "lamb." Winifred, Agnes, Juno
Uspaig (m) Tr OOS pek from Norse, "unruly one" Uspakr
Wallace (m) S/A, L WAL lis ang. of Uallis, from a French place name. Sometimes used in memory of Scottish patriot William Wallace Uallis