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We asked people to verify "Unfounded Urban Legend" names like Sandy Beaches and Kandy Cane on our Urban Legends page. The response was overwhelming. not only did we find numerous Sandy Beaches and Candy Kanes, but a whole slew of other unusual names as well. Here are some of the e-mails we received. Note: these are exact quotes; I did not change the spelling or anything!

UPDATE: we've gotten so many of these e-mails I've had to divide them up! We now have pages on Potty Humor, and Urban Legend Sightings (Sandy Beach, Shithead etc.)

I knew a familly who named their children Candy Bar and Clark Bar..tisk tisk.

I work in a mental health clinic. Do you know what it feels like all day to hear SUICIDE line 1, meaning Sue Aside; line 1

my name's Aaron Ward... A.ward and then me and my wife just had twins right so we called them Emmy Asha Ward and Oscar Aaron Ward

I Can't E-mail you, but my Mother Introduced me to a Mary Christmas that used to live in Alabama. I don't know if she still lives there, but at least one of the people in the Christmas family surely does...

I know a guy named Freedom Justice Nobel. Whenever my sisters friend sees him she starts screaming "FREEDOM NOBEL" so **** him off. he's very full of himself, and his name, making him a bit of a jerk. So the name doesn't really fit it's description.

I had a class with a girl named Leslie Tennant, her father is an Army man, and she has a brother named Lou. He's Lou Tennant!

I went to junior high with a girl named Pearl Harbor. The sad thing was that she was quite large, excessively fat. She claimed to be a witch and was always casting spells on everyone. I thing this was a reaction to the non-stop teasing she endured due to her name. I also had a friend who's last name was Bridges. They had a daughter who gave her a first name of Brook and middle name of lynn last name Bridges.

I wanted to pass along a few names of people in rural BC (Canada). There was two construction workers named Jack Frost and Peter Rabbitt, a science teacher named James Bond, my uncle knew of a Terra Nova Snow, and my brother went to school with some poor girl named Jenna Deedels.

My wife has a friend called Kiera Behan, whose sister is called Lesley (Les for short)!

Also, my cousin's name is Eric Erickson. Not that amazing, but funny at the least. My Grandfather's name is Paul Horsman, i always thought of him as 'tall horseman'. oh, and I had a pediatrician named Doctor Maloney when I was very young, He told me to call him Doctor Baloney. =)

I guess the Summer Brown I know would count, since brown is a pretty popular color in the summer time where I live.

Standup Strange. He was a local cop. His son is Sitdown Strange. I am not kidding. My dad knew him and mom worked for the local phone co and had some directory assistance calls looking for him. Candy Christmas. She is a Southen Gospel Singer from Ga

I came across your site and had to add a few names to the list. My brother in law’s first name is Dell (names after the crossword puzzle book) and his middle name is Broland after some soap opera character. Ironically enough he works at Best Buy. Dude you’re getting a Dell.

Rodeo’s are always an interesting place for names. I’ve encountered a Timothy Hay as well as a Rusty Ford. Then there are the Murray ’s. Rope, Tie, and Cash.

I once processed a savings bond order form for a kid, first name Beau, middle name Dacious.

My friend's mom's name is Anita. Her maiden name was Chance. My name is Ashley April. Born on April 30th at night, I was almost Ashley May. I met a girl in highschool with the same name and birthday.

Through my parents, I've heard of two truely astounding names. First, there's Ikeandtinaturner Jones (as in Ike and Tina Turner... early 60s-80s soul singers). My dad, Rand, told me of him. He had a friend who had taught Ikeandtinaturner at a highschool in Lima, Ohio. This was 1967 through 1971. 20 years later my dad was at a Thanksgiving dinner in Toleado, Ohio where he met a physiatrist, working at Flower Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio. At the time, this man was working with a man named Ikeandtinaturner Jones (he figured his name was most likely the root of his problems...). Second, there's Regina Fetchabone (I'm not sure if my spelling is correct). Unfortunately, it rhimes with "vagina". My mom went to highschool with her in Ohio.

My maternal uncle-by-marriage, Stan Smoke, was the district fire chief in the Wenatchee , WA area for quite a few years

I have a teacher at my high school named Terri whose married name was Berry, Terri Berry. My grandpa's name is Johnny Carson Whitlatch (I don't know where you are from, but Johnny Carson was a famous american talk show host and my grandpa was born before he became famous) The best story: I know a girl whose mom's name is Kelly Kelley, She once walked into a glass wall at a local store and was knocked unconscious for a few seconds. When she awoke she was perfectly fine but there were workers standing all around her checking to see if she was ok. She stood up and they began asking her the questions for cognition. She responded accurately, but that worried a few. A woman bent down to her and said, "Ma'am, what is your name?" She replied, "Kelly Kelley." "Oh, she must have been hit very hard." Said a man in the corner, "What is your birthday?" said the sweet woman from before, "2-4-68." Replied Kelly Kelley, matter-of-factly. Notice the consecutive even numbers of 2-4-68. That is her real birth-date. And her name is Kelly Kelley.

My son had a 2nd grade classmate whose given name was "Pebbles." I was in a rest area in Georgia, and heard a young mother scolding her kids - their names were Chenille and Cord (Corduroy after two times when he wouldn't listen!) Did Mom even have a clue? I was in the Rack Room Shoes at Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg, Florida, when I heard a mother call her little girl "Catorce." I asked her if she had called the child "14," and she became quite irate, and told me that the name was pronounced "Kah-tore-say, not 14," and that I should get my ears cleaned! This past week there was a shooting outside Pinellas Park, Florida, and the victim was a man named Gerund Lavone Long. Who names their kid a part of speech (a verb form ending in "ing" that is used as a noun, such as in "a shooting!")? And to add insult to injury, he has a girl's middle name!

My oldest brother's name was Howard Doorman Barker Jr. Named after his father, this is bad enough with the middle and last names. Then our mother divorced his father and eventually remarried. He was eventually legally adopted by my father (mom's "new" husband Norm Johnson). Therefore my brother's name became Howard Doorman Johnson. Anyone who's stayed at a Ho-Jo's knows they don't have doormen. There was an occasion in his teen years when he and a car full of friends were pulled over by the police and several of them were giving the policeman false names. So when he came to my brother, who gave him his real name, he was fet up and threatened to throw him jail if he didn't reveal his real name. Funny now, not then.

My wife went to school with a kid whose parents were teachers-Mr. and Mrs. Case-her classmate was Justin. I knew a kid named Bill Dover-he claimed to have a brother Ben. And the best one I personally know of-I used to deliver uniforms and towels and floor mats to various customers-some of the accounts had to pay upon receipt-while waiting impatiently one day 4the nice little old white lady to cut the check i finally noticed her name on her desk plaque-Rosey Rear. No kidding.Couldnt believe my eyes. Most of all couldnt believe it took months for me to finally notice. Thats her married name. We live in Northern Ohio. look these up if you dont believe me.Oh yeah almost forgot-saw a chinese restaurant in Dunkirk NY called Holy Wang. Theres a chain of funeral parlors throughout Buffalo NY region-owners/namesake pronounce it am-ah-go-nee but its spelled Amigone. Finally a guys initials where i work: VD Case.

There's a teacher at my school named Clay Pottinger. (Don't know his middle name)

I had a math teacher in High School who taught Geometry and his name was Mr. Kebebew (kuh-bo-bo) (sp?) We badgered him for his first name and he finally admitted that his first name was Proton and that his brother’s name was Electron. His parents were mathematical engineers or something like that. He was a jerk but with a name like that… I think I would be too!

I went to school with a kid named Dusty Gross who was one year behind me.

I grew up the street from a woman who had 2 girls, one she named Misty Dawn, the other was Coral Reef. I kid you not.

I have a maths book written by a person called A.Greer, i.e agreer. Sounds like this person is a bit of a compromiser!

A guy with the locker next to me at middle school was named 'Cole Durkee', like cold turkey. And my cousin is named 'Thor Luther' (like sore loser with a lisp). I'm serious.

In highschool I met a girl named Precious with a sister named Princess and my younger sisters knew twins named Sunset and Sunrise. They were all really nice girls and nobody really teased any of them.

Went out with a girl who's name is Candy Grandy...true!

I know this woman who's maiden name was Mary Christmas. She married a man named Jack Frost.

My husband and I are expecting our 6th child, so I happened upon your awesome website. I wanted to verify a funny name - My sister-in-law is Misti Brooke (last name Wills) - my mother-in-law said she read it in a book and thought it was pretty. We always joke that if we had twins we would name them "Legal" and "Binding" My husband's name is Forrest, but his mom has never called him that - she called him Woody. He always goes by Forrest now. That was a real pain in the mid-90's. Do you know how many times he heard "Run, Forrest, Run!" in college??

hi , my names Justin Heaven - I'm from York, uk

I was once told of a family in our area who named their boys Garren and Warren--their last name was Teed...Garren Teed and Warren Teed.  Looking in the Lewiston, Idaho, phone book you can find a listing for Teed, Garren...and there is also a Teed, W., which I assume is Warren.  Didn't believe it until I saw it!

I went to school with a Panda Bear, she had a brother named Teddy Bear. My aunt had a boyfriend named Bucket when I was little, who lived across the street from my grandmother. He was a pot head. Don't know his last name.

My best friend's grandmother is Hazel Brown.  My mom is Jo King.  I once served a store customer named "Robin Hood."  I worked at another place where a new client had just bought a coffee shop.  Her last name was "Grounds."  I had a high school teacher last-named "Bloom" who owned a nursery. Glamour magazine has an associate editor named, "Sunny Sea Gold" who says it's her real birth name.

I used to know a woman who (quite wisely) always refused to tell me what the M initial she signed her name with stood for until after she got married and took her husband's surname. If only I had known, I could have had SO much fun knowing her full name was Heather May Arnott...

My mother has a friend whose maiden name was Gay Barr. She then married a Fitzpatrick and then later, a Fitzwilliam. Half her children were Fitzpatricks and half Fitzwilliams. Now, that's a life of name trouble!

At Purdue University, I met a man named Wright Nee. I knew a couple named Terry and Terri Potts. I don't think I know Candy Cane, but I did go to school with Candy Cone. I wondered if there was an Icecream Cane. I also knew a Christian with the last name Pagano. The synagogue where I go to Bible study had a president named Gentile. I've met sisters named Sky and Day.

Saw your list of unusual names and thought I tell you the name of a girl I attended high school with that you might want to add to your list (if it isn't already there). Her name was Crystal Ball. No joke, I can scan my yearbook if you need verification.

The doctor who did my husband's vasectomy was Dr. Paine. Bad enough, but the one who did the vasectomy *reversal* was named Dr. Cockburn (pronounced CO-burn, for obvious reasons.) The first is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area; the second is still practicing in Tampa - St. Pete. Nice guy, too, but the name really had us hesitating, let me tell you!

Next, in my former work incarnation as a teacher, I taught a lovely girl named...Unique. Her mother claimed that the birth experience was such a...unique...experience that she decided to give that name to her daughter. 

hi i am in gr 10 at loretto abbey toronto . i'd just like to say that is a girl in my school named Echo Box. i swear. its hilarious. and there is another girl named Cherry-Mae Mason . they have the weirdest names ever. and there is also a Plemena at our school, and a Bernalynne , sounds like benedrill. well thats all.

where I work, there is a Director who was born in China and his firstname is Siyu (pronounced "see-you"). I sit near a VP's office (whose name is Mark); one day, Siyu stopped by Mark's office, and I heard Mark say "Oh, Siyu, you're here to see me?" They didn't stray from their conversation (didn't seem to realize the play on words) - how can you not? I laughed alone at my seat!

For your list: I went to high school with Brandy Beer, Richard Cox, Richard Dick, Flo Ebbs, Thu Ngo (to know), Amber Wine, and Patrick Wood (which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't go by Pat). I also know someone called Kalif "Woody" Johnson Hickey and a Vietnamese girl whose first name is My, pronounced me. Not such an odd name, but it sounds weird to say "I was talking to My..."

Where I work I have to go through nursing home records and also did some work in the child protection department too. My favourite names I've come across so far are Olive Green and Ivy Leaf, and the two kids (brother and sister, but not twins) called Luke and Leah - obviously parents were Star Wars fans.

Arya Reddy first and middle name. Born Nov. 4, 2003 in Ohio. Not positive but I think this is said like Are ya' ready. 

I work at a university and one of the many unusual names is a young man named Juba Lee.

I went to school with a redneck family that named their two boys (both from the same parents) James and Jimmy Farmer. Duh!

My father's sister's late husband's sister, Shirley Black, married Jim Shirley. That made her married name Shirley Shirley. They live in north Mississippi. A man who was once (and may still be) the fire chief in Richland, Miss., Maurice Joy, married a lady named Joy (don't know her maiden name). Yes, she's Joy Joy.

my seventh grade teacher Mrs. Walker just recently took the year off for her newborn baby. She's a Star Wars fanatic as is her husband, and they wanted to name their son Luke (and there's no need to say that his middle name would be Sky.) She told me this herself, so it isn't gossip or anything. (I don't know for sure if she actually did it, haven't talked to her for a while). Lastly, there are two best friends at my school named Jesus and Moses (Jesus is pronounced Hesus, and Moses is pronounced Moisas, but the pairing was just so perfect I had to add it).

I just want to let you know there is a woman named Sue Falls and she is a radio personality at KOOL 108 in Minneapolis, MN. I work with a man named Stan Francisco.

Also, fyi, I knew a Rusty Hook. I am totally not kidding--he was always in the local paper's arrest column for stupid, minor things! The interesting thing is that both of these guys lived in a town population 10,000...small town women with nothing better to do than torture their kids with bad names?

my dad ,a cop, used to work with a guy whose last name was Cost (major racist this guy) and he named his daughter Holly. Holly Cost, (as in Holocaust) what would pocess you!!!

Sometime in 1995 or 1996 on the way to high school, I was listening to the radio with my dad and the guy was talking about this case where this boy (I think he was 11 or 12 at that time) had legally changed his name. To Trout Fishing In America. The announcer said his parents were proud of him, I don't remember why or much of the rest as we had just pulled up in front of the school and I had to leave. But I still can't belive he changed his name to that! (I did a search to see if this was true and there really is a listing for him in CA.)

My mother is a nursing home nurse, and comes across alot of folks. The son of one of her residents is named Happy Jack. And hes a cop. Imagine being arrested by Happy Jack. He's even so used to being called a liar about his name, that hes had cards printed up.

I live in a small town in Canada that has a large population of hippies. I actually know someone who named their son Yippee!. (The exclamation mark is actually a part of his legal name. I think this goes down as the strangest name ever.

Growing up in Wales I lived down the street from a family with the surname Pipe, who named one of their sons Dwain. Which are both OK on their own but together! And I know that this is actually true because he was in the same school year as me.

When I was living in New Orleans there was woman named Monica running for a local office. Apparently, when she was born her father thought she was so special she should have only one name. I had a cashier in the grocery store whose name was Trellis.

My husband is a teacher and so many kids have weird names that it would take forever to list. But the most hilarious/unfortunate is a girl named 'Schnell' which I remember Colonel Klink yelling at Hogan's Heroes a lot.

I read of two sets of twins in a beauty pageant named Hailey & Holly Wood & Carrie & Candi Kain in a North Carolina newspaper. One of my former bosses was named Dusty Ball. I think he was a Jr. He lived in Elkin, NC. I went to high school with a girl whose mother had remarried & her name was Rose Rhodes.

I went to school with kids named: Russel Sprout (always, always the jokes after thanksgiving), Ramsey Cox (ok not worthy of urban legend status but still
unfortunate). Unsubstantiated but mildly funny, my dad claims he went to school with a girl named Mary-Chris Smith.

In the October 2000 edition of the Calgary and Area white pages (Alberta, Canada) in the town of Airdrie, there was a listing for: "Pidass, Stu." There was a phone number attached to it that actually worked too. I doubt it was a real name, but it certainly was good for a juvenille giggle. footnote: I used to work with a guy named Stu, and he actually convinced someone to make him a fake driver's license with the last name "Pididiot." Just for show, of course.

I used to work for an employment agency and one of our applicants was named Funke Salame. The interviewer pronounced it "Funky Salami," to which the applicant replied, "It's Fun-KAY" (accent on the 'ke).

Ever watch Trading Spaces on TLC? The new host's name is Paige Davis. The man she just married has a surname of Page. I think she still goes by Paige Davis because being called Paige Page is ridiculous!

This is true. My mother-in-law wanted to name my youngest brother-in law Special. That's bad enough except their last name is Kay. Special Kay- like the cereal. She thought it was so cute. He's glad he was a boy!

While I was living in Auburn, AL I knew a girl named Amber Glass.

I once worked for a physician named Dr. Safety First in Tulsa. There was also a dentist named Dr. Butcher.

When I was younger I went to school with a girl named Valen. You would find it hard to believ but her last name was Tine. Guess you figured out that we all called her Valentine.

I saw the name Busy Phillips on tv. He or she was a guest star on Dawson's Creek, somewhere in the end of season 5.

I just had to pass this one on. I went to Kindergarten with a girl named Sunday Street, she had a younger sister named Summer Street.

In the 2000 Jackson, TN phone book, there is a listing for Crunch, Captain.I went to college with a Robin Banks. I didn't even realize it was funny until I'd known the girl for over a year.

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I went to high school with a guy Name Luke Waters his middle name is warm.....saw his drivers license and everything..... we went to school in eldridge Iowa so his real name is luke warm waters.... he had a brother Zach

My brother went to University of Alabama in Huntsville and one of his engineering professors names was Fat Ho. My cousin goes Auburn here in Alabama and she has an engineering professor named King Dong. There are alot of foreigners who teach these courses I guess. My best friend has great aunts named Corn Nail and Tudor Nail. Her grandfather is W.A. Thats what's on his birth certificate. I have a great uncle named Y.Z. That's his real name. It stands for nothin. It's my great aunts name. My grandma is Frauline. My grandfathers middle name was Ammo. I had a great great aunt named Millie Dump. The southern Appalachian area is a hotbed of weird names. Don't think I'm racist or anything cause I'm not, but there used to be an old black lady who lived near me name Niger Pie. That was her given name.

I don't know if anyone else will find these as amusing as I do, but here goes: My allergist's name is Dr. Joel Doctor. Seriously. My sister went to a relatively small Bible college with a guy who name was Trevor Yeoman (said YAY-men), and whenever he was asked to say grace at a meal, at the end, everyone would yell, "YEOMAN!!" just like "Amen." This is one of those a-friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend-SWEARS-this-is-true ones, but anyways, supposedly this guy's stoner friends named their kids Abcd and Efghi, pronounced AB-ast and EF-jee. The former mayor of Calgary, Alberta's name is Al Duerr (as in I'll do her). It is confirmed that there is a girl named Rhoda Dyck.
Just an oddity here, my brother Colin married a girl named Colleen. Some people find that a bit freaky, because their names sound so much alike.

Nine years ago (1992) I went with my high school drama club on a class trip to NYC. I was living in a city outside of Richmond, VA at the time. We chartered a bus, though I can't remember the company. Anyway, our bus driver was named Campbell Soup. We made him show us his ID for verification, and there it was in black and white. Campbell Soup. He said his friends called him "Soupy". Also, my aunt is a school teacher in Columbus, Ohio. She once had a student named Snow White.

I briefly dated a beautiful blond girl from Monterey, CA whose name was Candi Weiner. Candi was her legal name, not Candace. My art history teacher in high school was Mr. Dyke, who had a daughter who was in her 30s and unmarried. I never got up the courage to ask him if she had a boyfriend. Finally, a friend brought a guy he met at Wharton Business School named Wei (way) Long, from China, to a college reunion. All true.

I am now married, so luckily this (thank God) no longer applies to me, but before I was married my name was Stormiee Skye. Now I am Stormiee Miller. :)

I read in a Ripley's Believe It or Not book about a woman named I. Etta Hamburger, and a man named Samuel Heller who was a traveling salesman of honey cured hams. His business card read "Sam Heller the Ham Seller". In elementary school, I knew a Billy Martin, who was as short-tempered as his baseball namesake, and as a cashier, I once did a sales transaction for a William Shakespeare.

British musician Graeme Edge (of the Moody Blues) married a woman named Susan (I don't recall her last name). He insisted that she keep her maiden name, because he didn't want her to be known as "Sue Edge".

I remember seeing a contestant on the 1970's game show "Split Second". The young man's name was "Howdy Neighbor".

A number of years ago, I remember seeing election posters for two candidates. A man named Sheriff was running for County Judge, and a man named Judge was running for County Sheriff. Could you imagine the confusion in the courtroom? It would sound like an Abbott and Costello routine!

I work with a man named Rich Liu. I have an overwhelming urge to nickname him "Cardinal" (Cardinal Richelieu). At a previous job as a cashier, I took a check from a man who had had his name legally changed to Chief. That's the whole name--just Chief. My sister once took a part-time job assisting photographers who specialize in school photos. One unfortunate girl whose record she filed was named Polly Esther Fabric. When my mother was a child, she knew an April May March. She is a teacher and once had a student named Sumi...not so bad per se, but people were constantly beginning sentences with "So, Sumi..." My aunt tells us she once met a Richard Shaw...everyone called him Rick (rickshaw). Finally, my stepfamily's actual surname is Tribble. You can guess that they hear a lot of "Star Trek" jokes.

I worked in a peds. office. These names are factual: Satin Sheets (Ms.Sheets named her daughter on a dare) Candy Layne (not such a sweet girl) BJ Price (poor boy) Lakie Fisher (grandma guardian) Harold/Harry Ball (I swear). Sad but true.

Last year, I was shopping in a clothing store and heard a woman scolding her daughter: "Euthanasia, you stop that this minute or I'm gonna kick your ass!" I looked around to see if anyone else was laughing. No one was, so I convinced myself I had misheard. Nope. The kid wasn't listening, so Mom again bellowed: "Euthanasia, I'm not going to tell you again!" Poor thing. Suppose she wants to be a doctor or nurse when she grows up... (By the way, NO ONE else appeared to catch the name. I seemed to be the only one falling down with laughter...)

I truly saw the first names, "Latrina" and "Larvae" on people serving fast food. Weird to be handed a burger by someone named, "Larvae." Makes you think.

A DJ in the area where I live is named Skip Church. A woman called the song request line and told him that he should change his "little DJ name" to something that set a better example for children. But Skip Church is his real name!!!

Greetings from the real Nimrod Funk. My favorite story from childhood relates to my Little League baseball opening day ceremonies. I good friend's dad was the announcer and as all the teams were coming into the field he said" We have this year 10 Johnnies, eight Billies, six Davids, four Bobbies, two Rickies, and one.... Nimrod! Yours truly, Nimrod Funk IV.

my cousin named her daughter Heaven-Leigh Angel (Heavenly Angel)

Just to add another unusual name for your site, my dad's name was John Wayne Hopper - he used to call himself "The Duke" (John Wayne). Side note: my parents actually considered naming me Grass (Hopper). I guess I lucked out by getting the common name of Amy!

In a little town in NE Tennessee, there is a really nice gentleman named after his father: John Slaughter & John Slaughter, Jr. Their profession? Veterinarians! (Old Doc & Doctor John.)

Also a family, with the surname of "Seed" in Corvallis Montana. Children are names Caraway, Cotton, and Huckleberry.

I went to Stanford with a girl named Midnight Toker. She was probably in the class of 1993 or thereabouts.

I used to work in private schools in New York City. At the Birch Wathen school, we had an alum whose name was - I swear - Sue Baru

I went to high school with a girl named Sweet Beauty. (not sleeping though) Four years ago, I was living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our next door neighbor was an old woman (over 80) name Rose Rosebud... Did you that Mel Blanc's (Bugs Bunny voice) son is name Noel Blanc?... French for White Christmas!

And a third for you that I didn't see on your page: My father swears up, down, and sideways that he once had a patient named Ronald Isadore Bell.

my friend works with a guy nick name wiggie but his real name is Precious baby wiggins he is a 6ft4', 250lbs man also my friend is named Pepperanne last name Salt, I once met a lady names Snow White and a girl named Baloou Skye

And my cousin's name is Reinga Bell (Pronounced Raina, but it reminds me of Ring A). Her daughter's name is..get this..Budhi (pronounced Booty)! So it's Reigna Bell and Budhi Bell

i once met a young woman working at a fred meyer jewelers in kent, wa who's name is Sunni Daye. i asked her if that was her real name or if it was just a joke and she said it was for real.

I went to high school with a girl who was named Marina Fish - I kid you not. She's in my yearbook if you need proof!

"I went to high school with a girl who was named Marina Fish - I kid you not. She's in my yearbook if you need proof! I wonder if there's anyway to figure out which high school this was from"

...because it's me! This must be my 15 minutes of fame, I've made it to!

marina fish

I was wondering if you'd want to put my name up on your Urban Legands page. My name is Skye Blue. Skye being my first name, Blue being my last name. And i haven't forgiven my parents for giving me that name yet.

my mother works with a charlene brown - everyone calls her charlie. another colleague of hers is named holly stocking. also, my sister really did go to high school with a girl named sunny summer breeze.

I have a friend who's brother's name is Dusty Rhoads.

I have a cousin who lives in the Bay Area and her name is Revolutionary Hope, she goes by Revy. Her Mom's name is Pegasus.

I went to school with a girl named Dorita and unfortunately she fell in love and married Barry Chip so she ended up with the name Dorita Chip! How funny is that? And my dad went to school a girl named a girl named Anita Hall who later married and hyphenated her new last name for fun. She is now Anita Hall-Walker.

I read in the paper the other day about these three middle school kids, and they had some funny names! One was a girl named Marrah Juana Smoke, another was a boy named Wiston Key Bottle (of course they called him Wis) {Wis Key Bottle} another was an Asian boy named Ko Kaine

I worked for a company in Essex, England where one of the Human Resources staff was called Polly Filler. It always gave me a laugh when she was paged

Don't forget the famous computer scientist Grace Hopper, also known as "Amazing Grace". See:

i know twins called wayne and jo kerr... my sister's best friend has just named her third daughter sugar, along with her two older sisters honey and candy (the surname is cane) she did however only use these as middle names in case the kids were ridiculed so i'm not sure if this counts! my uncle was called ivor million

i know a girl in brother's old girlfriend. her name was Penney Nichols

i live in a rural pa town, and my stepmother went to school with a holly green....her mother's name? olive!

On the south side of town, The Baer Field Thruway intersects with Fairfield Street. The major intersection is commonly referred to as Baerfield and Fairfield, I will add that it does get quite confusing giving directions over the phone....  My grandfather once had an employee working for him whose name was Hap Hazard, my father often laughed at him. On the flip side, my mother once dated a man named Elmo Peeler...I think he was a musician... 

The weekly paper in Tucson, AZ reported an incident in which a local political office holder was arrested for having a large amount of marihuanna in the trunk of her car. Her name is, appropriately enough, Mary Juana

There's a police officer in the City of Chattanooga (Tennessee) named Charlie Brown. There are also twins named Tuesday & Wednesday

The first is a very nice woman I knew several years ago, and it's a good thing she was happily married, because her name was Mona Paschen. The other is someone who was in my husband's high school graduating class, and I hope his posture improved when he entered the military afterwards, because he was known as Neal Strait. And yes, to add one more to your verified collection, I too, am familiar with a Sandy Beach.

In my small city, I have seen the offices of "Mac McSwine" and "Dr. John Diddle." Both of these folks named their offices after themselves.

I'm not making this up...a coworker was furious at her daughter-in-law for naming her daughter Holly. Their surname is Wood.

20 years ago, I worked at a Girl Scout camp in the summer outside of Philadelphia and we had twin girls around 8 or 9 named Chevelle and Chevette

I also came upon several strange names in the phone book of the Maryland/Virginia area...Candace Coomes (canned ass comes), Betty Boope, and Lavender Brown. It was my colleague Richard that inspired me

my son reminded me of a girl in his Kindergarten class named "Fashion". She would be in 5th grade now but has moved away.

I have actually deposited checks with the following names printed on them: Strawberry Fields and Blueberry Hill (music fans?)...but my absolute never-to-be-beat favorite is Nimrod Funk.

I work for fundraising for a school where we have a parent named Hunter Duckworth and a contributor named Theodore Bear. He uses the nickname Teddy and yes, his middle initial is E (his middle name is Edward).

I went to school with Raeme (pronounced Ray Me, she was Korean). Her last name? Do (pronounced Dough). When substitute teachers called us, they would go through the roll last name first. Then she became Do Raeme (as in Do Ray Me Fa So La Te Do). She dreaded that with a passion, but when we were in the second grade, there was nothing funnier. Her little brother was named Young (Young Do).

I know some people from Esbon KS. The oldest boy is Bill, very common. The second boy is Jack, then his sisters name is Jill (Jack and Jill isn't even the funniest part). They have a younger brother named Mike. Their last name is FROST!! Jack Frost!! Jack and Jill, what were their parents thinking?

My mother has a friend who's first and middle names are QUEEN ELISABETH. Maybe her mom always wanted to travel to England. -I went to school with a girl named SNOWY. She was born on christmas day. -I have heard through the grapevine that a woman actually named her daughter CHRISTMAS DAY, even though the baby wasn't born on Christmas. -I also heard about a set of twins named BENICE and BENAUGHTY. I never could figure out how they spelled the names. 

I was looking at your website and thought I would add these names to your list. While on vacation several years ago I met a Christmas Eve. My mom worked at a department store with a Halequine. I attended high school with a Shmonteal, Nateeko, Kristante, Terriwynn, Teveya, Zulekha, Kristalyn, Hezikiah, Chauncey, Chrishakeyna, Ahshanika, Alsherrie, Jibrail, A'Daigha, & Leshaqunnetta. among others. I personally know a Louvonzelle and a Zaldwaynaka LaClarye.

She came home with the story one day; like the story has gone for so long, their mother was a Spanish-speaking woman who misunderstood what male and female meant. Also, my mom met an Ultraviolet.

My brother's girlfriend is a guidance counselor at a middle school in TN and she counsels a girl named Placenta.

There was an older man named (Cleston Jenkins) in either Caldwell Co., KY or Lyon Co., KY that named his daughters Skylathornia, Reaganomics, Oceania, and Antique (pronounced Ann-teekey). I believe his son was named John or James.

sent in by another reader: I don't know about Skylathornia and Oceania, but I do know that Reaganomics and Antique are real, and my minister is related to them!

I met a young woman once whose name was Crystal Blue Waters. I've also met married couples named Bob and Bobbi, Paul and Paula, and Norm and Norma.

Elizabeth Razor Burns in NC

I once met a girl named Allison Wunderland.

In my neighborhood of Jefferson, LA (a suburb of New Orleans) when I was growing up there was a lady named "Ella Fant". Fant was her married name.

I also collect unusual names .I got started when I worked for an insurance company in Texas. There was one doctor named Mohan Shitoot. There were clients named Ophelia Outhouse, Wadine Pigg, Harry Haid, Stormy Gale and her twin Wendy Gale, Dearhart BeGay and Willie Marry.

I dislike the name THERESA this is because I have heard of a mother with the surname Green calling her daughter Theresa and I think it sounds far to much like 'trees are' You may not want to add this to your site but I have heard a joke about (atleast I hope it's a joke) about a family with the surname Down calling their three sons Neil, Bob and Ben and their one daughter Ida. Isn't that mean??????!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to tell you about two names that I know of personally that are sort of strange. The first was a girl I went to gradeschool with in Colorado. Her given name was Dora and her last name was Bell, but for some strange reason her parents called her Dori. Get it? Dori Bell? The other was Russell Gunn of Big Spring Texas, whose family called him Rusty. Rusty Gunn!

 I have some relatives and their names are a little different: Coco Head and Panda Head (can you guess which is the male and which is the female?) -and- I knew of a man named Rusty Key.

Once, I remember meeting a girl named Margarita. She was quite nice, but her mother must have been drunk when she named her and her sister, Martini. Also, one of my friends claims that she knew a girl named Eleanor Rigby, which is actually pretty cool, ne?

A friend went to college with a Timothy Burr. He was called Tim for short, or, as yelled across campus, "TIMMMMM BURRRRRR!"

I went to elementary school with a boy named Mark Kerr. Everyone just called him Marker, and that's how he signed his name in my yearbook. There's also a girl in my town named Jackie Hacke... and a doctor at my pediatrician's office with the last name of Love.

I work as a medical transcriptionist and have come across some unusual names: My favorite is Georgia Moon, an elderly lady who recently passed away. Smega - This is a type of fungal infection and was the unfortunate name of a poor little girl. I haven't run across an "Eczema" or "Vagina" yet! Quite a few little girls named "Precious" and one older gentleman!

I saw two people interviewed on television once who had the last name Duda. They named their child Zip Adee. Also, in one of the Carolinas they decided to computerize old baby certificates. They found some interesting names: Nicey Horsey, Cigarette, and some others I can't remember. This was published in the paper. My mom had a student named Female--pronounced Fa-molly. The parent said the doctor named her. There was a woman who lived in Concordia, MO named Rosie Posie. It was a married name. My name is Kim Kehm. Everyone always thinks it's the same name twice. They always pause and say, "what's your last name? ok, pause, your first name? I said your FIRST name!"

Nintha May - my mother knew this lady. Nintha's mother didn't know what to name her, so she gave her her birthday for a name 9th of May! The bonus? - her hubby won't ever forget her birthday. English Menthe (first and middle names) - she is my aunt's niece. Rope, Ty and Cash - three sons of a cowboy who "ropes 'em, ties 'em and cashes in." Roxie, Sandy and Candy Mountain - these three sisters lived on my street growing up. Dare King - this is a woman in my office Vaselina - my friend at work saw this name on an evaluation. Lasagna - I saw this one on a nametag of a girl working at McDonalds

a few other names of people that i have actually known...... spring blossom, sister of paul and john blossom. jack daniels (my aunt's ex-husband) and his friend tom collins. mary christmas, wife of bob christmas who live in christmas lake village.  i also had a candace cain in my graduating class. have also known people named january, april, may, june, august, stormy, rainy, skye, wednesday, friday, and blue. yong (young) duck also went to my school

I delivered papers to a realtor named "Otto Graf" in the seventies in BC, Canada.

I'm a receptionist and I take alot of messages for the people I work with. Some very interesting names have come to my attention .... There is Parkie Rash, Lou Frost (first time I talked to him I thought her said Blue Frost). theres also Mr. Buttita . I also once new a Guy named Sonny Beach. My mom knows a guy named Milo Turnipseed. A cousin almost named her son Brock Lee (luckily someone made her say it out loud fast). 

Also, my sister and I have a friend who only very briefly considered hyphenating her name. Her surname was Buck and her husband's is Gough, pronounced, "goff". Had she hyphenated her name, her surname would have been Buck-Gough. She went with Gough to be safe. Of course, the one name for a baby that was completely out of consideration was Jack!

My husband and I currently live in Tucson, Arizona. Here we are privy to seeing some decent AAA baseball teams who come to play against the Arizona Diamondbacks' farm team, the Tucson Sidewinders. Last year we attended a game in which there was a player named Stubby Clapp. Needless to say, his at bats were quite the events!

These are not fictional names, I went to school with  these people. There was a boy whose parents must have run out of steam, his last name Schaffer, his first name, Schaffer. That is correct they named him Schaffer Schaffer. Lastly, a dear friend of mine whose parents could have been dazed and confused when they named her To, her last name is Morrow. When we went shopping she had a hard time writing checks becuase cashiers often thought it was a joke.

The first is a woman who works for the TV station as a meteorologist -- Wendy Storm. Cut out for it, eh???

These are just some kids who are in my yearbook. Went to school with them -- Dondrake Tellesavalis Youngblood, Mahogany Tatemoneil Youngblood, Oranjello Jackson (No Lemenjello I'm afraid), and Macherie Amore Styles *like the song*

I did hear of a man who was the last of seven children and the parents decided to let his siblings name him. They named him after their favorite TV show, Rawhide.

my last name is Burger so you can only imagine what I went through in grade school. But honestly I have it easy compared to my new step mom. See her name is Eda, so her name is now Eda Burger. I swear on everything. Why she took my dads last name is beyond me but people find it completely hilarious. Just thought I would add to your list.

In Eugene, Oregon, there is a Doctor Hacker who specializes in Neurological Surgery.

At our Senior Prizegiving the name of an asian student (Korean?) was read out which caused a bit of laughter. The name? Soo-Yoo (sue you) . The way the teacher read it made a lot more funny, but I still think it's amusing. At my last school I also knew students called Woody Forrest) and Barbie Kendall ) (Ken Doll). My teacher also said that when she lived in Gisborne (a town here in New Zealand - apparently there's a lot of odd names up there) she taught twin Maori boys named Pete and Repete ) (repeat). I can't be sure of the spelling, but that's the way it was pronounced.  I don't know any Sandy Beaches, but I did know a Sandi Shaw ) (sandy shore)... that's pretty close. And as for couples sounding weird together, my great-aunt and uncle were Horace and Doris, and a family friend named Didi married a man who was always nicknamed "Dada"... Didi... Dada... musical, isn't it?

One of my neighbours is called Rosemary (Rose) Budds, she married into that, as did Mrs Ruby Diamond I went to school with a Susan Ridge (Sue Ridge --sewerage ) I also know of a Girl called Theresa Green ( Trees are green ). I've heard there is a boy at Pewsey tennis club in Wiltshire called Courtney Salmon. A friend swears that he knows a boy called Russell Sprout but I personally do not think this is true, but it's a good laugh anyhow.

I went to high school with a Korean guy named Yoo-Suk Kim. He always went by Kent, so lucky for him he was only called Yoo-Suk on the first day of school during roll call.

I went to high school with a boy named Sail Boatman. I can't be sure but I think his middle name was River.

My dance teacher was about to name her daughter Holly Peno (jalapeno). Luckily someone said her name out loud before she was named.

I once met a girl with the last name Seay(see). They ended up naming her Abie Seay (ABC). How about the soccer star Mia Hamm. Personally I am sad for the inventor of the toilet, John Crapper.

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I actually know a lady from church named Shirley Wright. I will tell you one thing-- she is NEVER wrong. ;)

 I worked with 2 ladies one named velveeta and the other named lavoris. There are many more just as funny as this but what I have already told you should be hard enough to believe. Makes some of us "yanks" look pretty dumb.

I used to live next to Richard Simmons and was friends with his daughter. Two attributes that set him apart from the famous dieter: he has a daughter and also a portly figure. The family had to get an unlisted number thanks to all the women calling him and asking him how to lose weight. His favorite answer was, "Just chop off your fat head."

My sister-in-law's boyfriend has a son named Dusty, last name West.

One of my mother's other friends named her girl Aerophile. I could imagine her nickname as Air or Airhead.

When I lived in an apartment, the elderly lady downstairs jokingly introduced herself: "My name is Maybe...perhaps." The lady who lived next to me, named Pinky, used to care for Maybe.

I did know a lovely young lady in high school who was named Precious Stone.

I have a good friend whose given name is Crystal Wells.

I work in a newborn intensive care nursery, and the nurses who work there told me of a mom who named her twin girls "Syphillis" and "Gonorrhea". Also, I know personally of a mom who named her little girl "Hero"....sounds like a dog, doesn't it? Thought this might add to your collection.

Also in this part of the world there is the Mota family...and there is a Diesel and Electric amongst the family members.

I've been friends with the O'Shea (pronounced oe-SHAY) family for quite a few years now, and their son is named Richard. He goes by Rick, making him Rick O'Shea (like "ricochet"). He used to get teased about it all the time, but now we just use it as a nickname for him. I also found out recently that he's named after his uncle, whose name is *also* Rick O'Shea!

On the topic of unusual "urban legend" names, my father used to work with a woman named Cherry Pitts. She did, however, pronounce her first name as Cherie, rather than the fruit.

I was flipping through my high school phone book and I came across the name Art Stuff! I was quite surprised but there is actually someone by the name of Art Stuff.

I used to be friends with a girl named Holly Rieth, yes her last name was pronounced "Wreath" :-)( She was born around Christmas and her parents thought it would be cute.

There's a guy listed in the local phone book named Kermit R. Greene. Seriously. Poor guy.

My childhood girlfriend named her son Quinn Triplet!

I heard a rumor that actress Annie Potts named her son Clay, but I could never confirm it...

someone made a comment about Annie Potts naming her son Clay. It's true, but he uses the last name Senechal (hope I spelled that right- read it years ago in "Us" magazine). We had an "Aquanetta" working in our office last year.

One of our local weathermen (New York/New Jersey's WWOR-TV, UPN Channel 9), Storm Fields, is the son of veteran weatherman Frank Fields (who subs for Storm occasionally on the same station).

My senior year in high school (1988) I was attending a writing class at the New School for Social Research in NYC. One of my classmates was a woman named Youme. She explained to the class that when her mother was pregnant with her, she and her father were out in England and one evening they heard one man say to another, "Hey, you, me and Chip should go to the pub." Her parents talked and both thought that the man could be discussing two people (Youme and Chip) rather than three (speaker, speakee, and Chip), and named my classmate thusly.

My next-door neighbor Angela married a Ciro de Angelis, making her Angela de Angelis (but that may be more unfortunate than unusual).

There is a young man in our area (his wedding announcement was in the paper) whose name is Chistopher Whatcha McCullum. He went to high school with my husband. HA! Can you believe it! :)

I saw a sign on for a lawyer named Justin Case. And a report on the radio by somebody named Robin Banks. Thought you should know.

There was a large egg farm in Lansing, NY run by a guy named Adam Baum.

I personally know a gentleman named Gene Pool. He is the head electrician of the college I used to work at. I also went to high school with a girl named Holly Berry, and my wife works with a gentleman with the unfortunate name of Ronald McDonald. He, of course, just goes by Ron.

I know a girl named Anita Carr.

I worked in an investment firm last summer, in the cashier's dept, and we processed customer checks that came in the mail. And yep, we came across some doozies. I can't recall most of them, but one that comes to mind is Jesus Christ from Washington, DC.

Ok, I have a few that are NOT urban legends for you: Let's start with the case family. Casey Case, the grandfather, has a son and names him Michael Thomas Case... M.T. Case? He marries and has children of his own: Justin Case, Sue Case, Kerri Case. They also have a daughter named Martha who escaped the silliness.

Once on my swim team there was an Asian Boy named Tac Ho... he always got called Taco.

I also went to school with a girl named Piper Peters. And I had a PE coach named Mrs. Weiner and her husband's name was Harry. Harry Weiner?

My sister's married name is Sweetland, and we live in the small TX Houston suburb of Sugar Land (home of Imperial Sugar). She jokingly considered naming a daughter Candy Sweetland (from Sugar Land) but of course decided against it.

There was a boy a few years behind me in school named Brystol Myers, too.

I was reading the paper today, and was looking in the obituaries when I saw one of a lady who had died---her name was Rhoda Tiller. You know, like the gardening tool? Her parents must have liked gardening, or something

I work with some one called Chrystal Ball, and another person named Dusty Glans!

I was reading your urban legends and wanted to throw out a couple of names that are true names, but very unusual. I noticed one name one a letter I was delivering and asked a coworker about it. The name is I'Needa. My coworker said it was correct and that she has a sister named I'Wanna. I couldn't believe it but it's true!!!

In high school homeroom I sat next to a guy named Salvatore Manella or "Sal Manella." Every day when the teacher called the roll half the kids would just bust out laughing. Cruel but true!

[a friend of mine who works as a nurse] also said that a patient named her premature twins Somalia & Ethiopia.

It took awhile, but I also predicted I'd run across a Chardonnay one day. And a short time later, heard someone called Chablis. Eternity Green is yet another gem. I can't figure out if it's a cemetery or golf course they had in mind.

Also, my best friend's mother who is in her early 70s, talks of a boy she knew in grade school named Stuart Pidd a.k.a. Stu Pidd. Someone actually bestowed the frightful name on their son.

First, my name is Karianna (pronounced care-e-on-a) Johnson. Think about that one and you will see why I get teased.

I was watching Jenny Jones one day, and this teenager named her kid Rayne Beau. Strange!

My aunt had a friend named Barbie, she married Ken Mathel (pronounced like mattel) and had a son named skip. I went to school with a girl named Katrina Oss but she preferred to be called Kay. Not only was this weird, but her step-father's name was Richard Heyd (head) and he PREFERED to be called Dick. I go to school currently with Pattie Kake, Ginger Bread, May Fay, Rayson Flaigg, Daigon Wells (not quite diggin but he get's made fun of anyways), his little sister Shalla Wells, Preston Iraned (ironed), and Kelly Green. I've met, at conventions, and saw nametags, Elvis Pressly, Micheal Soft, and one after my own heart, Misti Glass

Here are several others I've heard but can't prove: Harry Butts, Shannon Shannon (married into that one),  Christmas Eve Holiday, Skip Tumalu (sp? to-my-loo), Mason Dixon, Abc Jones, Chris P. Bacon, Be Yourself, Bo Ty.

I went to school with a girl named Carrie Oakey. I doubt her parents meant to name her that, since karaoke wasn't really known until she got in high school...then she got made fun of=) My mom's friend is named Rhedia. She got married and was Rhedia Redea (re-dee-uh re-day-uh). I went to school with sisters named Athena and Aphrodite. They were Greek, so no one really commented on the names.

My favourite name, and I'm not making this up is May Drinkwater! I know she is real as she is in the internal telephone directory here.

I work at a grocery store and this guy wrote out a checked and it said his name was Royal King.

I just read in Smithsonian magazine about a man who lived in the 1930s--his name was Washington Post.

I attended Jr High with a girl named Nyolka Sullins (I swear, I am not making it up). She was white and of Eastern European extraction, so I have no idea where the name came from....but it was weird enough that it stuck in my head.

Thought of another one....I attended college at the University of the South (Sewanee, TN) with a woman named Peaches Yielding. Really. Honestly. That was her *real* name. I have no idea what her parents were thinking.

My Mother-in-Law Angie Berger married my Father-in-Law Steve King. New name... Angie Berger King.

I knew an Asian boy named Ivan Ho in high school.

I do know someone who has a cousin named 'it'.

 My fifth grade teacher's name was Alice Carrier. We thought this was hysterical because it spelled out "a lice carrier."

My cousin went to camp with a girl named Spring Pigeon. Spring had a sister named Autumn Pigeon

My mother-in law has an unusually odd first and middle name. Elories Aldories. She is in search of anyone with the same first name. She was born and raised in North Dakota and now lives in California. If you know of anyone with this name, please email her at: Thank you.

Oh yes, I have an uncle named Ronald McDonald. His wife is Wendy. (like the other fast food chain, lol!)

I honestly know somebody named Ellen Bogen, which, in German, means elbow.

Since I saw a couple Charlie Browns mentioned, I will go ahead and add that my dad's official name on his birth certificate is Charlie Lane David Brown. He goes by Dave, though.

I currently am attending school with a girl by the last name of Vann. Too bad her parents named her Kara! Now she is forced to walk around school with the incessant taunting of guys making references to 'getting under her hood' and asking her how much it costs for a ride. Poor girl.

When I was in High school at my graduation an Actual Mary Jane Blunt walked across the stage...we always called her Mj.. no wonder we never knew her first name!

Also not quite as funny But when I was born my Family named me Tiffany Nicole Taylor so my initials would be TNT... It is very annoying when someone figures it out.. I have been hearing about my "dynamite" personality and other dumb jokes for years now.

I just have to tell you the name of a little girl in my town her name is Stormy Virgin.  I am not kidding and I think her parents are horrible.

  Another family I know who's surname isGreen have children named Kelly, Hunter and Forrest.

There is another local family who have two children named after the surnames of each parent's mother. The boy's names are Hunter and Fisher.

Okay, I have no proof of this, but my Aunt swears that she has a distant cousin somewhere in the USA (we're in Melbourne, Australia) who has the name Innocent Bystander . Bystander being the surname. Another one I know is true - some idiot fans of the Alien series of movies named their daughter Ripley A. Lien . They thought that simply Alien as a middle name was too weird, so they made it into two names. This one made the front page of our local paper. Poor kid.

There is a girl in my sister's year level called Amanda Bytheway ... no kidding! That's her real name!

And, my cousin's new baby is Sandy Brooks .......just about as bad as Sandy Beaches?

Just wanted you to know that I had a Grandmother with a brother named Royal Treat of all things, I guess his Mum and Dad had a sense of humor. He loved to paint and I never knew him but his painting of a country road hung in my Grandmother's summer house. I often thought I should bet a $100 dollars on him in the fifth race. It sounded more like a horses name to me than that of a man. Well have fun with this one

When I was a child we used to look through the phone book to find funny names. Here are the few that stood out.... and Are still there! =) Fanny Butz, Hung Lo, Reme Bastarda, Sweet Ricotta (ok that was a girl I went to school with. Bad enough her last name was RICOTTA, but that had to name her SWEET???)

I'm a teacher, so of course I've heard the old "Oran Jello" story for years. BUT, we do get some real doozies that are totally legit. My husband and I both work in a large, urban district, so we see all kinds of names. For instance, about 3 yrs ago, my husband had students named: Darvon Payne, Nausiya, and Avis Davis. Last year, he had a student named Lawyer and one named Zion Israel (I confess here, I could just be culturally naive in thinking that's an odd name). My old middle school had a Tequila, a Chablis, a Mister and a Camaro one year (the rumor was that Camaro's family named all the kids after cars. Never verified that one.) We also have two (not one, but two) grown women in our district (one a teacher and one an administrator, I believe) named 'Baby.'

I'm enjoying reading your site on baby names. The urban legends section reminded me of a girl I went to college with. Her name, no lie, was "Margarita Drinker " (first and last.) I'm not sure what her middle name was. I thought that was great and had to share it with you. She was born in 1969 so her parents must have been hippies or something.

I also personally knew a little girl that was named Billie Clubb. Her father was a cop and died before she was born.

I knew a girl back in Lafayette, Indiana named Joy Walker.

I currently work with a guy here in Miami named Karl Ott (car lot?) I forgot to mention the name I came across at work. The guy's name was Natale Trentadue, which translated from Italian means Christmas Thirty-two.

I know of a woman in French Lick, Indiana whose name is Candy Apple. No joke.

Additionally, for five years I dated Jim Beam, who graduated from a local Christian high school with Jack Daniels. No joke!! My own name is Sal, short for Salisbury. Paired with my last name, Eaton, I got quite a few jokes and was often called Steak Eatin' . =]

I recently met a man (he's a management consultant for our company in Southern California) whose name is a palindrome. Reldan S Nadler ... he goes by Relly. He realized this when he was in second grade and has always been aware of it's uniqueness. He's got intentions of writing to the Guinness Book of World Records, but hasn't yet.

I went to school with a girl whose name was Summer Breese. I swear I did!!!

A female friend of my mother's is Teddy Ready (sp?)--by marriage. Also, my cousin Holly married a guy whose last name is--Holly. Yep, Holly Holly.

I just wanted to say that I know a Charlie Brown. 

I know someone named Pepsi Kohler, she is my grandmother's ex-boyfriend's daughter I think.

Some of her high school peers were Pansy Post and Karma Kuna

Here are some others for you: Crystal Ball from NC, Misty Raine Hardin, NC, Jill E. Bean, from IL

I actually went to school with a Wendy, Dusty, Misty and Stormy a set of siblings all with the last name Day .

My sister went to jr. high school with a Lolita Strawberry Fields. They call her Strawberry. She also went to school with an Abbey Rhode. I knew a girl with the last name Lane who claims to have a cousin named Penny Lane .

A former co-worker knows a Cleveland Cleveland and his son, Cleveland Cleveland Jr. (both go by "Cleve").

My dearest friend was given the dubious name of Penny Nichols and 38 years later still resents her parents for that. Especially when she hit her teen years and became known around school as "Loose Change".

A man in our church is named Harry Neck. Then we knew the Nutt Family, and they named their children Hazel, Peen, and Pistachio. TRUE!!!

But I think the strangest was my Dr. His name was Maxwell Barr --ok, so that's not a bad name. But he had the nerve to name his children CANDY (daughter) and HERSHEY (son).

I went to school with a Candy Paper and a Mischa Lynn. Where I work there is a plaque dedicated to a man who gave some money and his name is Never Fail, Jr. So there is a Never Fail, Sr. out there somewhere.

I was perusing a list of local high school graduates in the paper and almost fell out of my chair when I read the name of one girl -- "Scarlett Leta." I swear I am not making this up. That poor girl!

I went to high school with a girl named Candy Barr, she was one of my best friends. Her mom and dad apparently thought it was cute and would lose it when she married anyway...and has, her name is now Candy Holt.

To go along with your Sandy Beach, I know a girl who's maiden name was Misty Shores.

My father claimed to have gone to school with Mary Christmas and she supposedly has a brother named Noel .

This is totally true, I swear. There is a family with three kids at my school and their last name is Soares, yes, as in stegosaurus. The oldest, a boy, is Bruno, but the two younger girls are Tyranna and Dinah. I've never talked to them. I'm too frightened of laughing out loud.

*comment from an alert reader:*
Hey? about someone who left a comment about the names Soares? it is actually pronounced ?Soo ah rehs? and not stegosaurus or anything like that. As far as I can tell it is a Portuguese name, especially being that Bruno is pretty typical in Portugal as well.